100,000 Twitter Followers

At roughly 7:30 am on June 9, the Freakonomics twitter account received its 100,000th follower. As far as we could tell, it is this Honolulu woman, who’ll have some schwag sent her way.


On that very day, Twitter experienced serious service outages, which we are sure is pure coincidence.

To date, the vast majority of our tweets are Twitter-fied versions of our blog posts. But with so many of you now following this feed, should we be doing more? If so, what? Or what not? Or why?


You could ask questions and use hashtags to track responses and post the best ones on the blog.


no reward for old time followers?


You could have contests, games, ask your followers to make particular decision for you, or similar, you could retweet other economists on twitter (I'm sure there are a lot....right?), you could give details about tours and release dates. Just some ideas.


You should be using Twitter to drive people to your core sites, specifically your blog on NYT. That's where your payback lies.

Twitter is a great way to tell the world you just posted a new column on the Freakonomics blog. It's not a great way to share your findings with your peeps.

Twitter is really just a real-time linking service to more meaty content. And a way for celebs and fans to shout out to each other. But that's another deal entirely.


Post Freakonomics-ish links to other articles on the web that aren't worth a full blog post on your site.


First you should follow someone that u like.


While I am very interested in your blog, I cannot bring myself to becoming twitterfied.


Questions & suggestions via twitter?

Just the articles works well, but if you require info on a specific area you now have 100,000 free researchers (or a really, really biased sample pool).

Don't forget to tweet about book tours too - found out about the Birmingham UK one from another local tweeter!


Just keep doing what you are doing! I'm really enjoying following your twitter account and blog.


I'd rather you not do anything special with twitter, or if you do, then just don't post exclusive content onto there (exclusive contests and stuff are fine with me). I'm using an RSS, and I'd prefer not to have to subscribe to both the blog and the twitter feed in order to get all the content and posts.


I love getting alerted to new posts, but I think twitter would be a good spot for personal quips or retweets of interesting thoughts that people send to you.

Fivethirtyeight has a nice balance, that'd be a good account to base yours on (not to mention I started reading his blog because of Freakonomics)


Twitter should not be an advertisement leg of your blog, which it currently is. I'm an avid Twitter user, but I do not follow the Freakonomics blog, because its redundant. I learn about updates with the RSS feed instead.

What I would like to see is some quick analysis of news items, before they warrant a full article. Did Congress just approve a bill that might have unintended consequences? I would expect a quick blurb in a Tweet.

Tammy Anne

Just continue doing what you have been doing! Your tweets linking to various blog posts are always fun. :)


We want to know what you're eating.


I was not aware that you guys were on twitter. Serves me right for not checking. Tweeting the blog posts makes it easier to remember to read the blog that day... for twitter addicts such as myself anyways


For your readers and your core audience , I think you guys are doing exactly the right thing.

Eileen Wyatt

What howie said. I do not follow tweeps whose primary business is providing blog links, as I figure I can read their blogs without prompting.


As someone who doesn't use twitter because there is no useful information on it I can that you not start putting useful information there. It is a ridiculous format which is only really useful for marketers & media members, who unfortunately have a wildly disproportionate influence over the technology culture.

I do not understand why anyone would bother when you can get the exact same information except better written edited and screened 4-8 hours later.


Here's an idea ... stop treating everything that happens on Twitter as though it's "news." OK, I get that Twitter exists. I even get that people use it. But please, it is not news.

I also agree with Steve (6/29/10 12:19 pm) that your blog's RSS feed is more than sufficient, and that a Twitter feed is redundant. I much prefer looking at an RSS aggregator to viewing a Twitter stream.


I also do not follow accounts that only announce a new post ... I get to you in my own time via my rss reader. I only follow twitter if I get something there I won't get elsewhere.