The Campus Beauty Tax

Besieged on campus by amorous female students, University of Alabama economics professor Gary A. Hoover relocated to a home 45 miles away. “I don’t want to end up in a bar and see some nice-looking lady,” he told the Chronicle of Higher Education, “and then come to find out, ‘I’m in your Tuesday/Thursday class.'” It’s the unlikely but true story of too-attractive academics. They reap the benefits of the beauty premium–attractive people tend to be better rewarded by the job market–but find being gorgeous a professional burden. [%comments]


@Brian: Teaching engineering does not necessarily remove this from the picture. When I was an EE undergrad at the University of Texas I had a Chinese TA for an Engineering Mechanics class who was stunning, (think Tia Carrere at her best,) and she spoke with a refined British accent. Even the female students in the class commented on how attractive she was. In what must have been some kind of karmic balancing act, the Calc II professor for Engineering Honors the same semester was a 28 year old beach volleyball player good enough to compete at the pro level. These were both Honors sections so the same students were in both classes. It was certainly interesting.

Fred C. Dobbs

What are the odds that a hot chick will be attracted to an economics professor?


@22 Fred C. Dobbs

Much higher if he is the one controlling her grade.

Eileen M. Wyatt

If the professor took the trouble to learn to recognize the students in his classes, he would not be surprised *after* he starts flirting.


Please foregive my bluntness. BUT, the three professors featured in the article are UGLY.

To me the message under the door sound like some co-ed were playing the prof for a fool. Sounds like a soroity hazing joke. i wonder if your reaction was caught on video? the fact that these "professors" agreed to be interviewed AND photographed for this article speaks to their vanity.

Maybe schools should condier teaching professors proper ethics and classroom demeanor. Maybe part of the problem lies at the feet of the "professors" and the way they handle themselves. When I taught, I made sure that the learning environment was a safe and comfortable environment so that nothing like this would or could occur.

Although, on the flip side, when i was a student, two of my professors asked me out on a date (the day after the semester was over). I was floored and shocked and declined.


I can see Mr. Hoover having a problem. He is attractive,not my type but still. And he is intelligent, educated, professional AND black?

Considering how many black women feel about their chances of marrying or meeting a suitable partner *I would not be surprised if the poor man couldn't walk out his door in peace,he is probably besieged. We knew a cute guy like him when I was in high school, he had to get tired of EVERY girl in church and the malls and everywhere else throwing themselves at him.

(Read the NYT and all the articles on the dearth of partners for black women. Whether there is a lack of partners or not, many women feel there is)