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The Latest in Freakonomics Swag

When we run a contest or quiz on this blog, we generally offer the winner/s some kind of prize. We’ve recently updated the old offerings. So here’s the current assortment. And remember: you can always get a free signed bookplate for either book any time you want.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.50.30 AM

A signed copy of Think Like a Freak or a Think Like a Freak t-shirt.


Freakonomics signed bookA signed copy of Freakonomics (paperback)
DESCRIPTIONFreakonomics: The Movie DVD

DESCRIPTION A signed copy of SuperFreakonomics (paperback)
DESCRIPTION The SuperFreakonomics t-shirt, worn here by Ryan Hagen, a Freakonomics research assistant
DESCRIPTION A signed copy of SuperFreakonomics: The Illustrated Edition (hardcover)
DESCRIPTION A signed Freakonomics movie poster
SuperFreakonomics Audio CD