Our Daily Bleg: Keep Your Hands Off My Ghana!

A reader named Karisa Cloward, a school teacher, needs your help. Her dilemma calls to mind earlier blegs about roommates/rent and dividing up a loved one's earthly goods.

Our Daily Bleg: What to Do in Madrid?

Dubner plans a trip to Madrid.

A Bleg: Ideas for Radio Hong Kong?

I have a brief visit to Hong Kong soon (my first!) and would like to bring back some material for our Freakonomics Radio podcast. Suggestions?

Time for the Kids? A Teaser and a Bleg

Today's parents are spending dramatically more time on childcare than their parents did. What's more, this rise has disproportionately occurred among those with the most education.

Our Daily Bleg: How Much Ice Is Too Much?

A reader named Ben Muschel of Flushing, N.Y. (that's where Citi Field is), writes in with a question that he admits is trivial.

Our Daily Bleg: Name That Team!

I have been participating in a fantasy football league for the last few years with many former college econ majors as well as two econ Ph.D. students. We are all still very plugged in to economic policy debate too. Anyway, we all pride ourselves on having amusing or clever team names. This year, with the current economic crisis, I thought a team name related to economics (in the academic or popular sense) would be appropriate.

We're Blegging You: How Has Freakonomics Changed the World?

Next week, after more than four years in, Freakonomics is being published in the U.S. in paperback. We've been asked to go on TV to talk about the effects (if any) the book has had, whether in the realm of crime-fighting or baby-naming or book-writing. We need your help in gathering good examples to talk about. Nothing is too large or too small, in your life or the lives of others. Thanks in advance.

Our Daily Bleg: How to Divvy Up a Loved One's Goods Without Acrimony?

A reader named D.J. writes in with a problem that requires some sensitive game theory, trickier than the roommate dilemma. Note that he is wise enough to flatter you as "intelligent and thoughtful," so do your best to live up to his bias.

Our Daily Bleg: The Old Roommate/Rent Dilemma

Conor Hunt, an I.T. consultant in Chicago, writes with a dilemma that, while common, seems to be always unsatisfactorily solved. Two friends — a merchandising analyst and a law student — and I are attempting to split up rent of a three-bedroom apartment with two common bathrooms. All rooms have their pros and cons, with […]

Our Daily Bleg: How to Manage a Sales Floor?

A reader named Eric Eilberg writes with the following bleg: My family has run Marlen Jewelers since 1914. Over the years a lot of things have changed, and the business has survived and prospered. We’re a freestanding building in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. We employ six full-time and one part-time sales associates. Dad is […]