What Suckers We Are

For years, we've been giving away free autographed bookplates that readers can stick in their copies of our books. (We've taken a break from this practice recently but will resume when we publish our next book.) I would estimate that we've mailed out between 20,000 and 30,000 bookplates -- all of them really signed by the two of us and all absolutely free, including postage. Why did we do this? It just seemed like a good idea, and a nice way to thank people for reading.

But what suckers we are! As a reader named TL recently let us know, there's good money to be made on eBay selling signed Freakonomics bookplates.

Just in Time for Christmas: Free Autographed Bookplates

If you'd like to turn your garden-variety copy of SuperFreakonomics (or Freakonomics) into a nifty autographed copy that suddenly seems much more gift-appropriate, you can sign up here for a free bookplate that is hand-signed by Levitt and Dubner. If all goes well, the Freakonomics elves will dispatch your bookplate via mail in plenty of time for the holidays. It'll look something like this:


I sang this past weekend at the Whiffenpoof Centennial Reunion Concert (you can hear examples of recent groups singing, here). And I had a chance to sing with probably the best selling Whiff, Joseph Finder. Joe is the author of 9 corporate thrillers. (My favorite is “Company Man”). It will not surprise you that, like Levitt and Dubner, his webpage offers free book plates. But you might be surprise when you see his "Bad Apple" bookplate:

A Note on Freakonomics Student and Teacher Guides

School is back in session, and Freakonomics continues to get shoved down the throats of students in everything from economics and finance classes to philosophy and literature classes. For this we are grateful, if baffled. To make things easier, our publisher commissioned a student’s guide to the book as well as an instructor’s guide. The […]

Last Call for Bookplates

March 5, 2021: These bookplates are no longer available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.  I am happy to announce that after some two years of offering free signed bookplates, which turn a plain old copy of Freakonomics into an autographed copy of Freakonomics, we have finally squashed every bug in the system, and we have […]

Freakonomics Schwag

Whenever we run a contest or quiz on this site, we offer the winner/s some kind of prize. Until now, we’ve never gotten around to showing what the prizes look like. So here, friends, is our current assortment of Freakonomics schwag. The T-shirt and yo-yo are, as they say, unavailable in any store. (So is […]

A Bookplate Announcement

March 5, 2021: These bookplates are no longer available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.  Once in a while, someone writes to ask if we would autograph his or her copy of Freakonomics. And we say: sure, thanks for asking. But the logistics aren’t very smooth. A person would have to mail the book to one […]

Happy Everything

So, first of all, Happy ChanuKwanzaMasNewYear to everyone. And thanks for making 2005 such a freakonomical year. A while back, we offered to send a signed bookplate to anyone who wanted one. The good news is that about 2,000 of you replied. The bad news is that about 2,000 of you replied. The demand severely […]

Bookplate Update

Hello Freakonomics freaks! Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am “the mysterious Rachel,” the Rachel formerly known as “the excellent Rachel,” and the Freakonomics assistant currently fielding your bookplate requests. I’m just writing to let you know that they are a-comin’. You responded to the Steph/vens offer with a fervor we never could have […]

Signed Copies of Freakonomics

March 5, 2021: These bookplates are no longer available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.  A few days ago, we made this offer to send a signed bookplate, free, to anyone who wants one. The good news is that a whole lot of people took us up on the offer. The less-good news is that, because […]