Who Should Play Stephen Dubner in Turbulent Souls Film?

Stephen Dubner's first book, Turbulent Souls, has been optioned by The Group Entertainment (Variety's report here), with writer Larry Gross (48 Hours, True Crime, We Don't Live Here Anymore) to adapt the memoir for the big screen. Not that we have a say in this, but just for fun we'd like to find out which actor Freakonomics readers think should play the Dubner in the film.

Quotes Uncovered: Memorable Movie Lines

Two years ago, I asked for suggestions for the most memorable movie lines of recent years, to help with the next edition of The Yale Book of Quotations. Let me repeat my "bleg" from that time, and ask again for suggestions

On-Screen Smoking Down (But Still High)

From a new CDC report: "To monitor the extent to which tobacco use is shown in popular movies, Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! (TUTD), a project of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, counted the occurrences of tobacco use (termed "incidents") shown in U.S. top-grossing movies during 1991-2009. This report summarizes the results of that study, which found that the number of tobacco incidents depicted in the movies during this period peaked in 2005 and then progressively declined."

Box-Office Science

Imagine a world where Hollywood producers could predict, with scientific precision, the box office revenue a movie will generate just by reading the screenplay. A new forecasting model devised by a trio of marketing professors from Wharton and NYU promises to deliver something like that.

How to Become an Insta-Expert: A Confession

Using the prediction markets to become an insta-expert in just about anything.

An Economist's View of the New Oscar Voting

Sunday's Oscar night will be different. First, there are now ten nominees for best picture. But perhaps more importantly, the voting system has changed.

How to Save a Bad Movie

Is a bad movie review even worse than no movie review at all?

Very Pricy Real Estate

Joining a growing number of people who are selling their burial plots for some extra income, Elsie Poncher is auctioning her late husband's crypt on eBay, hoping to use the proceeds to pay off the $1.6 million mortgage on her house in Beverly Hills.

Coming Soon to a Multiplex Near You?

You know that sensation when you're reading an article in your morning newspaper and, about three grafs in, you start imagining the movie version and you can practically hear the Hollywood studios scrambling to get hold of the writer and the subject in order to lock up their life rights?

"The Force Will Be With You … Always"

That's what Obi-Wan Kenobi really said in Star Wars (1977), according to AMC's list of famous film misquotes, not the popular variant, which is properly attributed to Han Solo. The list also includes famous quotes that, AMC claims, were never actually spoken in the films to which they're linked: "Me Tarzan, you Jane," for example. For the doubters -- run them past Fred Shapiro.