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Special Series

Sometimes there’s a topic we want to dive into at the Freakonomics Radio Network that’s just too big — and too fascinating — to cover in a single episode. Some of these run for several weeks, and others become recurring series. Here are some of the topics we’ve covered in depth.

The Economics of Eyeglasses


Why Is the Opioid Epidemic Still Raging?

No Stupid Questions: Personality: The Big Five

The True Story of America’s Supremely Messed-Up Immigration System

The Curious, Brilliant, Vanishing Mr. Feynman

Academic Fraud

How to Succeed at Failing

How to Think About A.I.

Everything You Never Knew About Whaling

Stealing Art Is Easy. Giving It Back Is Hard.

No Stupid Questions: The Seven Deadly Sins

Freakonomics Radio Takes to the Skies

In Search of the Real Adam Smith

What Can Blockchain Do for You?

Freakonomics Radio Goes Back to School

The U.S. Is Just Different

The Hidden Side of the Art Market


How To Be Creative

The Hidden Side of Sports

The Secret Life of a C.E.O.

Earth 2.0 Series

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