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Contest: A Six-Word Motto for the U.S.?

Inspired by a recent trip to London, this recent Times article about England’s reluctant search for a national motto (suggestions range from “No Motto Please, We’re British” to “One Mighty Empire, Slightly Used”), as well as by this new book on six-word memoirs (which we teased not long ago here), I invite you all to attempt the following:

Write a six-word motto for the U.S. of A.

Foreign players are most welcome. Feel free to include, along with your answer, your age, gender, vocation, where you live, and who you would vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Feel free also to punctuate your motto liberally (or, if you will, conservatively); for instance: “Battered? A bit. Beaten? Puh-leeze. Onward!”

The best entry, as decided by a quorum of ourselves and a batch of capuchin monkeys we keep at the ready, receives her/his choice of Freakonomics schwag.

Note: The winner of the contest can be found here.