Contest: The Request Line Is Open

We’ve posted repeatedly about the flood of pop songs being written about the recession, including this one, “Hey, Paul Krugman,” by Jonathan Mann, who writes a song a day and posts it (and an accompanying video) on his website:

In the original post about the Krugman song, I asked why no one had yet written a song in defense of Tim Geithner.

And then … voila! A 23-year-old Canadian songwriter who calls himself PencilsGetTheCar answered the call with “The Treasury Secretary Song.” Sample lyrics:

Timothy, Timothy, Treasury Secretary
Knows what to do when it comes to dough.
Geithner, Geithner drinks his coffee with whitener
Probably, but I don’t know.

Now even better, the original song-a-day man, Jonathan Mann, has agreed to take a request: he’ll write a song about whatever you want. Leave your suggestions below. It doesn’t have to be about the recession — just make it clever, entertaining, wise, witty, etc. Jonathan (maybe with our input) will pick the best suggestion — and the winning suggester will get a piece of Freakonomics schwag. And, of course, a song. We will, of course, post the song here once it’s recorded.

Good luck.


I'd love to hear a song on what it means for our future that only rich people run for political office on a national scale. Why is it that only wealthy people run for poitical office? Have we seen any political candidates recently on a national scale that weren't very wealthy?


The GOP's bubble burst

Christopher Luccy

Levitt's horse racing picks.


Colin Powel the closet Democrat...

Carl Spackler

Blasting across the alkali flats in a jet-powered, monkey-navigated hovercraft.


It's nice to see a Canadianism. "Whitener" is a very common term for a powdery substitute for milk/cream to use in coffee. I think in the States the common term is "non-dairy creamer"?

Josh Penslar (aka PencilsGetTheCar)

Write a song about the pain of writing a song every single day!

Douglas Warren

How about a little ditty about Continental pilot pension/fake divorce scam. It could be called the Pilot Pension Two-Step.


write a song about iceland


The coming of hyper inflation.

The amount of debt Mr. Mann's children will have the day they are born.

The effect of raising taxes in a recession.


How about a song about the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal rivalry?

andrea a.

I've read a lot of food trend pieces on diy canning and pickling recently (people going to back to basics to save money). so I would suggest a song about the economic downturn and this food trend, if only for the puns it lends itself to ("canned" from your job, in an economic "pickle," a "jarring" situation). enjoy!




Newt Gingrich and Chris Matthews stuck in an elevator together for thirteen hours, with one sandwich, a copy of the NY Times and the Washington Post and no cell phone service. What emerges, harmony or only one of them?


about why youtube comments are always so inane.


Online dating.


It is so refreshing hear songs on current events and the catchy lyrics. More fun than watching talk shows on TV.

The Notorious H.A.M.

the "abducted" mom who went to Florida


Giving Jonathan some leeway on exact subject matter, I would like a song entitled "American Idle." (Note, that is not a misspelling.)


How about a song about the death of "physical" newspapers and what that means for going green....