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Contest: The Request Line Is Open

We’ve posted repeatedly about the flood of pop songs being written about the recession, including this one, “Hey, Paul Krugman,” by Jonathan Mann, who writes a song a day and posts it (and an accompanying video) on his website:

In the original post about the Krugman song, I asked why no one had yet written a song in defense of Tim Geithner.
And then … voila! A 23-year-old Canadian songwriter who calls himself PencilsGetTheCar answered the call with “The Treasury Secretary Song.” Sample lyrics:

Timothy, Timothy, Treasury Secretary
Knows what to do when it comes to dough.
Geithner, Geithner drinks his coffee with whitener
Probably, but I don’t know.

Now even better, the original song-a-day man, Jonathan Mann, has agreed to take a request: he’ll write a song about whatever you want. Leave your suggestions below. It doesn’t have to be about the recession — just make it clever, entertaining, wise, witty, etc. Jonathan (maybe with our input) will pick the best suggestion — and the winning suggester will get a piece of Freakonomics schwag. And, of course, a song. We will, of course, post the song here once it’s recorded.
Good luck.