Why Do We Forget So Much of What We’ve Read? (NSQ Ep. 24)

Also: do we overestimate or underestimate our significance in other people’s lives?

Is It Wrong to Crave Praise? (NSQ Ep. 23)

Also: should everyone have their own trauma score?

Why Do We Buy Things We’ll Never Use? (NSQ Ep. 22)

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Also: is there a downside to billionaire philanthropy?

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Also: what is the meaning of life?

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Also: what’s so great about friendship?

How Can We Get More Virtue and Less ‘Virtue Signaling’? (NSQ Ep. 17)

Also: is it better to be a thinker, a doer, or a charmer? 

Season 10, Episode 1

In the U.S. alone, we hold 55 million meetings a day. Most of them are woefully unproductive, and tyrannize our offices. The revolution begins now — with better agendas, smaller invite lists, and an embrace of healthy conflict. To find out more, check out the podcasts from which this hour was drawn: “How to Make […]

What’s the Downside to Being Goal-Oriented? (NSQ Ep. 16)

Also: how does a cook become a chef? With Gabrielle Hamilton.