Failure Is Your Friend

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(photo: karlnorling)

(photo: karlnorling)

Season 5, Episode 17

On this week’s episode of Freakonomics Radio: there’s a huge stigma attached to failure. But should there be? Perhaps we’re not thinking clearly about failure. Maybe failure can be your friend.

Also on this week’s episode: in most countries, houses get more valuable over time. But in Japan, a new buyer often bulldozes the home. Why?

And you’ll hear an installment of our FREAK-quently Asked Questions, in which Dubner and Levitt answer questions from readers and listeners.

To learn more, check out the podcasts from which this hour was drawn: “Failure Is Your Friend,”  “Why Are Japanese Homes Disposable?” and “How to Think About Money, Choose Your Hometown, and Buy an Electric Toothbrush.”

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