Where Has All the Viagra Spam Gone?

Same for Nigerians seeking to transfer millions of dollars to me (if I give them my bank account number).

I haven't gotten one of these in a year, after often getting several a day. I assume that the spammers realized that the return per period of time -- the price of the activity -- was less than its marginal cost: the opportunity cost of their time.

Swine-Flu Spam

As the recession lingers and swine flu spreads, it appears that the antiviral drug Tamiflu has now surpassed Viagra as the most commonly spammed drug on the internet.

The Unintended Consequences of Attacking Spam

In what Wired calls a botnet “explosion,” botnets have taken control of about 12 million new IP addresses since the beginning of the year. (That’s according to a report by the anti-virus firm McAfee.) The number of zombie computers — those overtaken by a hacker, trojan horse, etc. — have increased 50 percent since last […]

Another Reason to Hate Spam

The conventional wisdom holds that electronic correspondence is unequivocally better for the environment than snail mail, but a new study finds a surprising result concerning the 62 trillion spam emails sent last year. The energy used to transmit, process, and filter spam could have powered 2.4 million homes, or all the foreclosed homes in the […]

Hormel Hits a Home Run, at Least in the Media

Sometimes a story is so irresistible that the media can’t stay away from it, even if it’s not much of a story. Consider the following scenario: A. The U.S. is hit by a seeming economic downturn; B. The costs of basic goods like fuel and food begin to rise; C. And so consumers flock to […]

The FREAK-est Links

Is the “cropland bubble” bursting? New search engine uses ranking algorithm to reduce spam. (Earlier) Cardiac arrest fatalities may provide a new kidney source. (Earlier) Students gather data by sniffing livestock manure. (Earlier)

The FREAK-est Links

The art and practice of political data mining. (Hat tip: Chris Masse) CalTech scientist works to develop more efficient, less costly fuel cell. (Earlier) Spam made up 90% of e-mails delivered to big companies in November. (Earlier) LeverageCard.com offers increased options for gift card recipients. (Earlier)

Do You Flip Out Over Junk Mail?

A couple of weeks ago, Wired editor and The Long Tail author Chris Anderson got so fed up with receiving pitches from clueless (or lazy) publicists that he screeched out in protest, permanently banning said publicists from his in-box and, to the delight of some onlookers, publishing their e-mail addresses on his blog in a […]

Here Are the Answers to Your Craigslist Questions

Courtesy of Craigslist Last week, you submitted lots and lots of questions for Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, the founder and CEO, respectively, of Craigslist. They couldn’t answer every question but I think you’ll agree they’ve given us a lot of good answers, time, and ideas. I was particularly intrigued by Jim’s statement that investigative […]

The FREAK-est Links

Attack of the killer text message spam. (Hat tip: Consumerist) Local businesses lagging in online markets. Jogging near traffic can harm your heart. (Earlier) Why do terrorists restrict their business to illegal drugs?