Your Economics for Dummies Questions Answered

Sean Masaki Flynn Last week, we solicited your questions for Sean Masaki Flynn, author of Economics for Dummies. In his answers below, Flynn addresses the economics of education, the relationship between aikido and economics, the importance of understanding opportunity costs, and how good shoes and nice teeth signal reproductive fitness. (Disclosure: Flynn himself had braces.) […]

Bert Sperling Answers Your “Best Places To Live” Questions

Earlier this month, we solicited your questions for Bert Sperling, co-author of the book Cities Ranked and Rated. Bert Sperling In his answers below, Sperling talks about the responsibilities that come with his job: he may add to a low-ranked city’s “woes,” or his ranking might serve as a catalyst for change; in the case […]

Ask the “Best Places to Live” Guy

Bert Sperling As co-author of the book Cities Ranked and Rated, Bert Sperling has strong ideas about where you should or shouldn’t live. In 2007, for example, he placed Modesto, Calif., at the bottom of the rankings (number 375 of 375 metro areas) in the book. Since then, he says, It’s been the ground zero […]

Will Prefab Ever Catch On?

Houses at the MOMA exhibit in New York City. The Museum of Modern Art is currently running an exhibit on prefabricated homes that it hopes will change the way prefab houses are perceived. Philip Kennicott writes in The Washington Post: The architect who masters prefabricated housing — how to make homes that are well designed, […]

Suze Orman Answers Your Money Questions

Suze Orman Earlier this week, we solicited your questions for Suze Orman. You asked about paying college debt, choosing a good retirement plan, and — especially with a week like this — how safe your money is. In her answers below, Orman also offers a question to ask whenever deciding what to do with your […]

Suze Orman Will Now Take Your Money Questions

Suze Orman If you’ve ever tried to give yourself a bit of financial literacy, you’ve probably come across something on the subject by Suze Orman. And if you’ve read some of Orman’s books, you may know about her first job as a waitress in Berkeley and how she got swindled out of an early investment, […]

Bring Your Movie-Industry Questions

Dan Glickman When the Motion Picture Association of America was formed in the 1920’s, its primary mission was to change the public’s negative views toward the movie business. Today its main target is copyright theft. The M.P.A.A.’s home page displays a running tally of the number of pirated DVD’s confiscated, and its international counterpart, the […]

Your U.F.C. Questions Answered

Brock Lesnar Last Friday, we solicited your questions for U.F.C. fighter Brock Lesnar. The next day he won his fight against Heath Herring — and mocked him when he was down. According to Sports Illustrated‘s Ben Fowlkes, a “pro wrestling-style heel” like Lesnar “is exactly what the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s heavyweight division needs right now. […]

Ask a U.F.C. Fighter

Brock Lesnar The Ultimate Fighting Championship (a mixed martial arts organization) began in the early 1990’s with the motto “There Are No Rules!” but a variety of fouls have since been established: 1. Butting with the head. 2. Eye gouging of any kind. 3. Biting. 4. Hair pulling. 5. Fish hooking. 6. Groin attacks of […]

Your Digg Questions Answered

Jay Adelson Last week we solicited your questions for Jay Adelson, the CEO of Digg. In his answers below, he shares one of his greatest lessons from running the company: “With democratic systems and large groups of people, there is incredible opportunity and power, and it must be approached carefully.” This power is now well […]