Memories of Madrid

A recent trip to Madrid included a lecture at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (which features, among other things, a dentistry school, at right). The best part was a short film that had been made before my arrival: a spoof in which an economics class at the university is taught freakonomics instead of economics (sorry, no translation available).

Restricting Faculty Travel Is a Bad Idea

A new policy at Texas restricts faculty travel to dangerous countries.

Our Daily Bleg: What to Do in Madrid?

Dubner plans a trip to Madrid.

An Important Human Right

Europe declares vacations a human right.

A Bleg: Ideas for Radio Hong Kong?

I have a brief visit to Hong Kong soon (my first!) and would like to bring back some material for our Freakonomics Radio podcast. Suggestions?

Sex and the SUV: Men, Women, and Travel Behavior

Indeed, the conclusion of the slogan "you've come a long way, baby" ironically demonstrates that women had not come quite as long a way as they might have hoped. Even now, important gender differences persist, and they show up quite clearly in the realm of transportation.

You Should Get Out More

A study finds that living abroad for long periods of time boosts creative thinking.

The Hidden Side of Rail Travel

| North Korea launched a threatening-looking rocket over the weekend. It crashed harmlessly into the sea. Wonder what North Korea actually looks like on the ground these days? Two Austrians recently entered the country by train, through a border crossing that has been closed to tourists since 1994, and took these rare and fascinating photos […]

British Food, Good and Bad

I just spent a great week in London with the family (see here, and here) and yes, I did run across a few pasties, including these, in the breathtaking food halls at Harrods: I find it hard to believe that the food halls can be profitable; part of the spectacle is the volume and variety […]

Travel Addicts

My wife announced yesterday that she is "traveled out." I'm not surprised -- I am too: Since mid-August we've taken trips (mostly long weekends) to Istanbul, Munich, French Switzerland, northeast Italy, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Barcelona, and, starting tomorrow, Paris plus London again.