Our Blog Looks Different Today

Two months ago, we migrated this blog away from nytimes.com, where it had lived for three-plus years. The migration was generally a success, but not totally. There were some early technical difficulties (servers issues, caching issues, and other things you don't care about), but those were fixed relatively quickly. The bigger problem was that we weren't crazy about our redesign -- and, you, dear readers, were even less crazy about it than we were. It was too grid-dependent, photo-dependent, not readable enough, etc. So we've spent the past several weeks re-doing our re-do, and you can see the result as of today.

A Freakonomics Radio Bleg: What Do You Want to See Live and On Stage?

In June, the first of our Freakonomics Radio programs will hit the public-radio airwaves. In conjunction with the launch, we'll be doing a few live Freakonomics Radio events -- in St. Paul, Minn, Los Angeles, and New York.

Possibly the Strangest Freakonomics Video Ever

You have to see this.

As If Anyone Needed Another Reason to Pull for VCU

Back in 2006, Virginia Commonwealth University launched a program to help acclimate new students, including requiring all incoming freshman to read the same book. Guess which book VCU chose as its inaugural "summer read"?

How to Respond?

How to respond to a reader request?

Yes, This Blog Is Leaving NYTimes.com

As reported in Forbes on Friday, the Freakonomics blog will be leaving NYTimes.com on or around March 1 and returning to its indie roots.

Ask Your Freakonomics Questions

The Freakonomics Radio beast never sleeps: if you write in your questions in the comments section below, we will answer them -- in our podcast!

Will Freakonomics Help You Find True Love?

Probably not, but Malcolm Gladwell might.

My source for this conclusion: the always-interesting OKTrends blog, which provides data analysis for the OKCupid online dating site. Its latest analysis looks at how profile essays differ by race.

More Bad News for Swimming Pools

Brett Arends at the Wall Street Journal calculates the cost of a backyard pool and advises prospective pool-owners to tread carefully.

FREAK Shots: Creative Science

Religion and science coexisting.