100,000 Twitter Followers

Any Twitter suggestions?

FREAK Shots: A Cheap Parking Spot

A penny for parking.

Freakonomics Celebrates Father's Day

Levitt and Dubner reflect on their fathers.

What I Said to Money Magazine

Levitt's Q&A in Money Magazine.

Does AT&T's New Data Plan Make You Think of an Israeli Daycare Center?

It does for one reader.

Cheating Teachers Are a Global Problem

Australian teachers cheat too.

Reading Habits of the "Fabulous Fab"

Fabrice Tourre read Freakonomics.

Freakonomics Documentary to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Alright, I'll admit it: when I first sat down with Steve Levitt in the econ department at the University of Chicago back in 2003, and asked him to explain how economists use regression analyses to measure the impact of individual variables within a complex scenario, I was thinking, "Man, this is the kind of material that would really light up the silver screen."

What Would the World Look Like if Economists Were in Charge? (Ep. 3): Full Transcript

Stephen J. DUBNER: If you would please just tell me your name and what you do. John ZOGBY: John Zogby, pollster. I’m the Zogby poll. DUBNER: John, you know what Americans think about a lot of things. Now, what do Americans think about politicians, the people running our country right now? ZOGBY:  It’s pretty much at a low […]

Read Freakonomics at Your Peril

More trouble for Freakonomics readers.